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Noble Nobody Bracelet/ Necklace - Sterling Silver

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Co-designed with top fashion blogger Cindy Ko of Cindiddy, the chained 925 Sterling Silver bracelet has multiple wearing styles and can be interchanged as a necklace.

Inspired by Gia Carangi, a Noble Nobody is somebody who does things out of love and passion – it can be anybody as long as they’re interested in what they’re doing and doing it for themselves. You don’t have to be famous to be somebody. Anybody can be somebody, but it takes a good eye and a good heart to be a noble nobody. The bracelet contains two 925 Sterling Silver pendants as "Noble" and "Nobody" - We are not anybody labelled, just Noble Nobody.

All jewelry in www.carmenchanjewelry is made by order as an unique piece of art. Upon order confirmation, the jewelry will be ready in 10 days for delivery.

Handcrafted in Hong Kong.

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