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It has been a long, exciting yet headachy, joyful yet worrying, and ultimately wonderful journey to finally establish the brand Carmen Chan Jewelry, this online store and the supporting social network. It's like going to Disneyland and living in a dream - but this time, it is real. It takes a lot of time, courage and most importantly faith to finally get here. And I cannot make this all by myself. Throughout the past months, I feel a lot of love and support and see beautiful side of people giving their hand and heart. I dedicate this section to these wonderful people and many countless friends who show support. I cannot build this faith alone without my family and friends who give unconditional help:

First of all, I want to thank my parents for the lifelong support and patience. Herman Chan, my brother, who makes me laugh and eases my nerve when I turn to be a super-bad-tempered-and-annoying pain-in-the-ass. 

Thank you to Kevin Tse for experimenting and photographing different series of photos and videos for me. It's really really amazing working with you and you are always so patient and calm with the crazy-and-nervous side of me. 

Thank you to Jimmy Lam for designing the logo and superb superb graphic design of the website background. I know I am a pain-in-the-ass and keep you reworking the layout all the time. I really appreciate your work. 

Thank you to Charles Lee for helping me out SO MUCH for the website issues and countless questions. Without you, I cannot possibly think of making a decent online store. Thanks for your enthusiasm and energy. That ignites me.

Thank you to Janina Freigang for being such an elegant model and sweetest friend. Your positivity and kindness influence me to keep on believing in self and be kind to one another. A lot of appreciation. 

Thank you to Guillaume Purcell-O'Dwyer for photographing the ring and pendant necklace collection in Berlin. It's amazing meeting you and this across-the-countries-photoshoot-project is full of great surprises with your good eye on photography.

Thank you to Akif Hakan Celebi for inspiring me and photoshooting the promotional photos. You are not just an amazing photographer but very precious and special friend of mine who gives me a different perspective. Many many love to you. 

Thank you to Vinelle Leung for being a really adorable model and an understanding friend. You have a bigggg heart (and great smiles) and I love you more and more. You deserve the best.

Thank you to my Uncle, Bruce Chan, for doing the product shots and photographing the finale piece. That was a long day of work til night and thanks a lot for your patience. 

Thank you to Yudai Maruyama for photoshooting the experimental collection in Tokyo from day to night. I know it's super exhausting and you still hold it til the end with excellent quality of work.

Thank you to the Zhangli Sisters, Saltahh and Aigi, for being my models in the Tokyo shoot. You girls had great poses and amazing faces for the photos. Thanks for the great job!

Thank you to Aishah Noor and Catherine Wong for being my crazy models and lifelong friends since KINDERGARTEN! It's blissful to have such a longtime friend to know each other so well, sometimes even better than knowing myself.

Thank you to Yuki Ng for modelling for different series of photos and being a supportive friend from the beginning. I miss our laid-back and joyful trip to Paris and I hope we can do it again soon.

Thank you to Rachel Yan, for modelling for "How you Style with Carmen Chan Jewelry Debut Collection" shoot under the cold weather -even you are the worssssst when it comes to living in the cold - and being my best friend since secondary school. Your positive attitude always inspires me.

Thank you to Mira Li, for giving me direct critics with your good eye on color and patterns, and being my all-the-time-bestie. I can always talk to you whenever I feel frustrated or feel excited. And sorry for my bad temper and impatience all the time.

Thank you to Amanda Lee, Fashion Blogger of Fashionography, for helping to be part of the promo video, giving your point of view on the debut collection, and featuring them in your exquisite fashion blog.

Thank you to Yuki Nakamura for translating the introduction into Japanese for the website. Thanks a lot for your efficient work!

Thank you to James Lo, Chan Chi Lung, and Tomohiro Nakamura for assisting in different sets of photoshoots in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Thank you to so many friends giving me opinion, supports, contacts and advices, including Johnny Han, Winky Ng, Dora Li, Golfie Jay, Sandra Theumann, Angel Bermudez, Gilad Fili Feldman, Joey Cheung, Suraine Lee, Crystal Chan, Katherine Ho, Ivy Hui, Lutricia Kwok, Venus Ng, Grace Huang, David Wong, Agnes Cheung, Phoebe Ng, Tracey Huang, Jenny Ip and many many countless friends whom I didn't name here but always believe in me and show supports. And if I miss your name, don't defriend me in facebook.

Finally, thank you to God for giving all the amazing encounters and friends to make me who I am now. 

This page is super-long (Thank God, unlike a physical book with page limit, I can have infinite length for this page in the internet-black-hole. Wohoooo!) but I want to highlight the speech that enlightens me to take the step to live my dream, from Steve Jobs: The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. 

I found it and Thank You to all of you.

Many Love,


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