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Gold Replating Service


We understand, when you choose the style of jewel, sometimes it's hard to pick whether you should have sterling silver, yellow gold plated, or rose gold plated. Won't it be PERFECT if I can own three styles in one jewel? The answer is, YES YOU CAN.

Introducing the Gold Replating Service, you can now top up very affordable price to change your gold plating whenever you want (upon your purchase of Carmen Chan Jewelry Messenger Collection only)! Also, you can replate the same 18K gold from time to time if the gold plate wears off due to usage. 

You can either mail the jewel to the address below or contact info@carmenchanjewelry.com to schedule a pick up time for jewel collection. Due to the difference in delivery cost, there will be two rates for service inside and outside Hong Kong.


Room 210-2, 2/F, InnoCentre, 

72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong,

Hong Kong

*Your delivery cost to our Hong Kong office is not included. Please choose the mail service that you found most comfortable with*

**Gold Replating Service ONLY available for the first purchase of gold plated jewelry of Messenger Collection. If the first purchase is sterling silver jewelry, please contact info@carmenchanjewelry.com for special request.**

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