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HK Magazine Issue 989, P.18: "I Made This: Hong Kong Designers Show and Tell: 'Feel Love' Ring"

Posted on April 28, 2013

Carmen Chan Jewelry, featured in HK Magazine

April 26, 2013

See the full interview here

I Made This: Hong Kong Designers Show and Tell
“Feel Love” ring
Carmen Chan, Carmen Chan Jewelry

Carmen Chan is an exciting new arrival on the scene. But it’s not her vibrant, colorful, chunky statement necklaces (above) that are her favorite design: instead it’s a ring with a purpose.

The history:
“Jewelry reflects attitude or character. I designed the ring to carry the message “Feel Love” [the other ring in the series says “Live Life”] so the wearer can carry the message as a small reminder, or an aspiration, every day. To me, it’s more than just a piece of jewelry—it’s also a method of self-reflection.”

Why do it here?
“I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Most of us are trying far too hard to be better, faster or bigger. Sometimes we forget to treat ourselves well and to live the life we want. I came up with this hoping we can carry positivity and gratitude in their daily lives.”

On HK design:
“It’s a wonderful city with so many emerging designers and artists; and many from elsewhere come to develop their brand. The atmosphere
is encouraging and nurtures ideas.”

“Feel Love” ring, $1,180 from www.carmenchanjewelry.com.

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