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Blondie & Pixie DIY Experiment: Rhinestone Heels

Posted on October 16, 2013 | 0 comments



Written by CARMEN CHAN | Collaboration with Isabel Boren of Shoebox Living

I always enjoy being in the process of craftsmanship. Starting something from the scratch and making it personal feels like getting bits and pieces of yourself back together again. Starting from this month, I will collaborate with Isabel Boren, a lovely old friend back from college and Swedish lifestyle blogger of Shoebox Living , to introduce a new monthly session named “Blondie & Pixie DIY Experiment”.

This month, we start with something every girl adore – Footwear. Women have a thing about heels. I treat it as an uncomfortable indulge, almost a sadism. I hate and love it.  Recently I am a little bit over the top in terms of my outlook and style. After I cut my hair pixie and dyed it blonde, suddenly my closet has something I didn't expect such as a reflective gold paper-like shorts, a red-red smiley face sweater, and a Mickey Mouse tee (How about that!) So, for the heels, I also want it to be less classy but more chaotic and rocknroll.

Let's be crafty together! All you need is: 1. Black heels 2. Rhinestones 3. Superglue 4. Good mood
Let's be crafty together! All you need is: 1. Black heels 2. Rhinestones 3. Superglue 4. Good mood

Only three steps and you can get your own personalized heels.

1.  Pick a pair of simple shoes: Thanks to Zalora, we have a pair of very basic heels by EDGE to start with. You can easily find cheap shoes in town but Zalora will be a good destination to shop that without even getting out of your home. Make sure you pick the shoes with flat and non-fuzzy surface otherwise the rhinestones will easily come off.

DIY in progress
DIY in progress

2. Get some rhinestones and superglue: I am a frequent visitor of Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong. To get the rhinestones (very cheap ones), you can go to the beads stores at crossroad of Yu Chau Street and Pei Ho Street (Exit A2). Then you also need to get a superglue from stationery store in your neighborhood.


3. Stick the hell out on your shoes: I don’t make plans when it comes to this kind of DIY crafting. Unlike Isabel who has carefully researched and planned the classy look (check out her version here), mine is spontaneous. I used only the transparent rhinestones but with different shapes. To make it funkier, I have different pattern for each shoe but use same rhinestones to have consistent. So, just pick the rhinestones and use the superglue to glue them. And then done. Simple and fun.


Small tips:

1. Use a small pliers like this (or your eyebrow tweezer) to hold rhinestones and apply superglue. It can save you a lot of trouble from sticking your fingers.

33083-1010-3ww-leyebrow tweezer51

2.  Use different shapes of rhinestones. This creates a more intense look.

3. Style your shoes with crazy socks. It brings more character and fun to the whole look.

Finished rhinestone heels!
Finished rhinestone heels!
Oh yea!
Oh yea!

Do check out Isabel’s version of rhinestone heels here and get inspired!

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Many love - CARMENX

Check out Isabel's version as well!
Check out Isabel's version as well!


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