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Jasmine Smith: When Art Meets Fashion

Posted on September 26, 2013 | 0 comments



Written by CARMEN CHAN | Photographs by JOYCE YUNG

Aristotle once said, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance, and this, and not the external manner and detail, is true reality.” while Karl Lagerfeld said, “Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.” If this is the case, is fashion and art a contradicting concept? Or fashion is a way to demonstrate art? When some of us complained the mainstream fashion becomes too commercial and non-arty, does that mean commercial fashion can’t be art? Then what makes Andy Warhol’s work one of the best contemporary arts? I guess it will be an endless question loop.

Maybe each of us has our own definition of art and that’s what makes art mercurial and complicated (like a woman). And to me, if life is like a jar while many countable happenings and rational logics are like piles of marbles in the jar, art is like the air between the marbles in the jar. It is like “hey dude, just give me a irrational, illogical and moody break!” And sometimes, it penetrates outside the jar and goes to another state of mind. Fashion echoes with art in the way that it can be over-the-top, irrational, and unpredictable. To me, fashion is a way to present this escaping mind of art. It is insanely beautiful and beautifully insane.

I get to talk with Jasmine Smith, the New-Zealand-born fashion stylist and blogger of Dress Me blog and founder of Hong Kong Fashion Bloggers network, about her interpretation and inspiration of art and fashion this week.


1. To you, how do you see the inter-linkage of art and fashion?

Dressing is a fine art of self expression - both art and fashion are a means to pushing boundaries, and leaving a lasting impression.

2. What kind of art do you like the best?

I love minimalism. Strong lines and neutral colours that invoke wild conversations. New Zealand artist Ralph Hotere is someone whose art I not only adore but would be proud own.


3. What is your art inspiration for these two outfits?

For the red jacket with black dress look: I have a fabulous watercolor of Batman & Robin (kissing) hung in my lounge - the art works base is strong in iconic superhero masculinity but it is quite soft and ironically sensual at the same time.

For the multi-color jacket with black skirt look: I love the playfulness and the boldness of the watercolor and chose outfits that were of a similar vibe.

4. How do you describe your style?

My wardrobe is a sea of neutral classics - blacks, whites, shirts and LBDs.  I like an uncomplicated wardrobe that can move through season from season.

CAT CLAW nail art codesigned with Salon NovaCAT CLAW nail art codesigned with Salon Nova

5. What is your inspiration for this CAT CLAW nail art, codesigned with Salon Nova?

I wanted to create a design that had a traditional base but a modern edge - hence the French Manicure base and simple but strong ¾ length black centre strip. It's unpredictable but also familiar.

What Jasmine wore:

(Multi-color jacket look)

1. J.Diu multi colored Jacket, HKD2,725

2. CUFFS, tailor-made White Shirt, HKD598+ (depending on design)

3. H&M Click tulip Skirt

4. Carmen Chan Jewelry, Feel Love Sterling Silver Ring, HKD980

5. Tammy & Benjamin, Black leather Lizzy handbag, HKD2950

6. Salon Nova, CAT CLAW gel nail, HKD350

7. Christian Louboutin Black Heels

(Red jacket look)

1. CUFFS, tailor-made White Shirt, HKD598+ (depending on design)

2. Chevignon, Red Leather Jacket, HKD3,999

3. Killari Black Onyx Ring (The Twins Set) HKD1,600

4. H&M, Black Maxi Skirt

5. Ezhera, Elise Brass Necklace, HKD882

6. Salon Nova, CAT CLAW gel nail, HKD350

Learn more about Jasmine's fashion blog, Dress me here

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Many love - CARMENX

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