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Make Up Fever

Posted on July 24, 2013 | 0 comments


Written by CARMEN CHAN

I am not exactly a make-up guru but which girl doesn’t like to experiment with different make-up products? I love trying different looks and it’s so easy to pick up small tricks now with so many make-up tutorials in Youtube. So, today I dedicated this column to all my fellow girlfriends, with all my favorite make-up products, youtube channels and small tips. Okay, let’s start the girl talk now.

(From furthest left clockwise)

1. Bobbi Brown Blush – Tawny No. 2, HKD 210

I have been using this for years. It gives a natural blush of radiance to me and it goes well with different skin color tone of mine from fair skin in winter or sun-kissed skin in summer. I will put on a touch of blush even with barely any other make-up. Make sure you don’t put too many. It is normal that they will wear off – just reapply when they are off later; don’t save time by putting too much in one-time.

2. MAC Orange Lipstick - Morange, HKD140

I love bold and bright colored lipstick that can totally bring up the whole look to make it chic and fashionable. Especially in summer, I think bright orange lips can easily match with your outfit. I am not using this everyday so I want to make my investment worthwhile – the HKD140-MAC-lipstick is perfect for occasional use. Make sure you don’t put on way too much lip balm before use, as it will make the color uneasy to spread evenly. 

3. CHANEL Bright Red Lipstick – Pirate 99, HKD260

This is the most classic lipstick ever. And now I am just obsessed with it, of which you can basically wear this with anything from little black dress to tank top and jeans. The red lipstick brings the look sophisticated instantly. You may feel “oh mine, this is just too bright” for the first few times. But after the break-through, you can’t live without it. I especially love this Chanel lipstick as it’s more moisturizing and the color is easy to spread and smoothen. For some of us who feel uneasy on applying, use a lipstick brush so it will stay in line. My lazier trick is to apply the center part of your lips first and then blend the left and right edges by your fingers. 

4. Maybelline the False Lash VOLUM’ EXPRESS Mascara, HKD129

I never bought expensive mascara nor repeat purchased the same one, because to me, they all feel the same, except for some really bad ones. I am currently using this Maybelline mascara and I feel good about it. It easily makes the lashes look more intense and thick. And it stays all day long without melting even in sweating hot summer in Hong Kong.

5. MAC Black Gel Eyeliner, HKD150

I tried eyeliner pencil, liquid and gel. For me, gel is the best. It keeps much longer than pencil and you don’t need to wait for it to dry up like liquid eyeliner. If you thought it’s hard to line your eyeliner with gel, all you need to do is buy a good eyeliner brush. Just make sure you buy a one with flat head, not too pointy and definitely no fuzziness. This MAC eyeliner has a thumb up from me.

6. Pond’s Lip & Eye Make Up Remover, HKD62.9

Girls, don’t forget to have a good cleansing habit after all the make-up! You will have to use (1) lip and eye make up remover to remove make-up at lips and eyes as you will need stronger cleanser for eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, (2) make up remover for your face make-up as it is less intense than above but good enough to remove your foundation, sunscreen, and blush, (3) finally basic facial cleanser for cleansing the residual make-up remover as well as the pores. I picked this Pond’s lip & eye make up remover as it is strong to remove the eyeliner and mascara, and at the same time, it feels less oily than other brands and doesn’t feel dry after use. And it is very reasonably priced. 

7. IMAGO-A – Prism Mini Bag – Avocado, HKD3672

With all the make-up products, I found this bag super adorable to carry the essentials. It is made by fine Italian lamb skin outside, with electric blue suede inside. The braided shoulder strap is adjustable so it can transform from a cosmetic bag to a shoulder bag, a clutch and a little purse. Carrying the make-up items in a cute bag simply makes the process even more fun!

 8. Youtube Channel, “From Head to Toe”

There are tones and tones of make-up tutorial in YouTube. Sometimes it’s frustrating to find one that works for Asians as our bone structure, skin tones and eyes are different. I found Jen, “From Head to Toe” ,’s tutorial practical and easy to follow. She has videos from how to do smokey eyes to how to apply fake eyelashes. Check out the channel here.

On top of all the above make-up routine, I enjoy having my make-up done by professionals when it comes to more important events. So, this is how my last Saturday was:

11:00 Starting my morning with a make-up session, I went to the Flawless at 22-28 Wyndam Street for a nice make-up before the sponsoring fashion show event in the afternoon. Opened in May this year, Flawless is like a getaway from the hectic city with modern interior, relaxing music, and refreshing fruit water. Greeting by friendly staff and a cup of ginger tea, what a good start of the day!

11:15 I met the beautiful make-up artist, Vaiva Paulauskaite, and discussed over the look. Matching with the shocking pink dress by TwS, Vaiva suggested having a radiant day look with natural eye shadow and black eyeliner plus a pink lipstick. I like Vaiva’s style on highlighting the natural beauty of your own instead of pushing it too far with layers of fake eyelashes and bronzers and contouring.

It is also interesting to learn some simple tricks for make-up from a professional such as:

(1) After drawing eyeliner at your eyelid with liquid/gel eyeliner, you can fill the gap by applying pencil eyeliner at upper waterlines so it will make your eye bigger.

(2) After using eyebrow pencil for eyebrows, you can put tiny bit of gel to fix the eyebrows.

(3) After applying the lipsticks, use the tissue to cover the lips and then lightly pat to get the lipstick surface. Reapply the lipstick. Then it can last longer.

So this is the final look:


13:00 Before the show, I rushed to Daydream Nation in K11 Mall to pick up the jewelry samples for the show.

14:00 Arriving the sponsoring fashion show by JCI HK, it was insanely hustling at back stage. But I managed to have some fun with the models.

18:00 Finally finishing the day. Woho!

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Many love - CARMENX


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