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Behind Fashionary: The Lucky Guy

Posted on July 11, 2013 | 0 comments


Written by CARMEN CHAN

When I started my venture in jewelry, things came very random and a lot of kind people and good things came along naturally, helping me to establish my brand and now this editorial. Some consider as luck while some consider as talent. Meeting with Penter Yip, founder of Fashionary, the sketchbook brand specialized for fashion designers and now well-known worldwide with stockists including Colette in Paris, MoMa in New York, Shop des Createurs in Hong Kong etc, gives me a different perspective on luck itself.

The other day, I met Penter at a cozy local café in Kowloon Bay. Instead of meeting in Central or Sheung Wan which is more like the “hip” place to meet in Hong Kong (with over-priced coffee and everything), we met in this under-the-radar neighborhood which is also closer to Penter’s office. While I was unsure about what to expect from the mysterious guy behind the label, Penter is surprisingly down-to-earth, genuine, and friendly with a great sense of humor.

We started our conversation with the most basic question - "How does it start?" By that, it has to be traced back to Penter's university life. Studying in the fashion design school in Hong Kong, Penter was not a typical fashion student though. “I am not a fashion guy. I am more like a graphic guy. My classmates were so into the fashion sketches and sewing but I was always the guy who designed the graphics for presentation and brochures.“ This underlines the wow-the-world path of establishing Fashionary sketchbook to bring efficiency to designers. Penter's humble and friendly character to other fellow fashion designers opens another door for him in this competitive industry. With a Bachelor degree in Fashion Design, Penter did not become a fashion designer but a partner and team player alongside with other designers. "I don't want to compete with other fashion designers. I want to work with them. I want to help them." Sooner in later years, Penter did not even expect that it was this thought that changes his life.

“I had the idea of Fashionary as a sketchbook for designers since my graduation. But then it took me some time to really take it to action.” Although Fashionary is overwhelmingly popular and loved by the world’s most established stores now, it wasn’t appreciated or approved by many in the beginning. “I remember I called and shared the idea with fashion designers, bloggers and other people in industry. Almost all of them didn't like it. They thought the designers wouldn’t like a sketchbook with dotted bodyline watermark that would limit their creativity. They just thought it wouldn’t work.” Despite the discouraging feedbacks, Penter had faith on the product and insisted of launching it with 500 copies in 2009.  

It was a big success. Penter’s sensitivity to designers’ needs and focus on small details won customers’ heart. His ambition and determination paid off when Colette in Paris, one of the most recognized stores in the world became the brand’s first stockist. Since then, Fashionary becomes a name that designers, buyers, and media are craving for. The initial disapproval transformed into an enormous love around the world. In 2010, Fashionary was invited to have a crossover design with Hong Kong-based retail group I.T. to launch four new desigsns of sketchbooks. And in 2013, Fashionary co-designed with Swash London to introduce a luxury print and illustration on the sketchbooks' covers. Finding his own edge and passion, Penter felt nothing but lucky to get appreciation, trust, and most importantly the freedom to create.

When I asked Penter what his key of success was, he said without second thought, “Focus.” “You need to focus on one thing to make it work. Then you’re so into it as if there is no other way out or no other things you will do. Because of that, you pay extra attention to small details; you put yourself into your customers’ shoes; you develop a product that you genuinely love and believe.” With the business growing worldwide, Penter is learning to be a better leader of the company. “I cannot do everything on my own. I need a good team. And a good leader is not the one who does everything well but delegates responsibility and authority to the right people.”

Growing from a small thought to now an international brand, Penter repeatedly said during our one-hour conversation that he was very lucky. But to me, it is so much more than luck, it is about determination, persistence, courage, and a lot of faith. Luck comes across only when you have these qualities; chance shows up only when you are well prepared. Behind the glamorous fame, it is one’s own effort, dedication and life. Penter may not even plan this himself, but I believe his humbleness in his core nurtures the thought of helping other designers; his passion in his dream touches people's heart; and finally his action from his minds speaks out to the world. And To me, maybe luck does count; or maybe - more possibly - you are the luck yourself, bringing everything together and making it happen.

More Q&A with Penter Yip, founder of Fashionary

1. Can you tell us a little bit about Fashionary?

We develop products designed for efficient fashion sketching. 

2. You started the brand of Fashionary in 2009 but what was the start-up story?

I developed a special type of templates which help me to sketch much faster than normal method when I was a student. And then I discussed with my girl friend, Vikki to make a sketchbook which contains a mini fashion dictionary and the special templates. We both considered it a great idea and got the support from our fashion friends. So we just started.

3. How will you describe Fashionary in few words?

We re-invented fashion sketching.

4. What is your most memorable moment in Fashionary?

When design teams and large design companies order us for their designers.

5. You have the latest coproject with Swash. How did it start and what is the concept of this limited edition?

We love Swash. The scarf is stunning. We run into each other by our common friend and we admire each other. We want to bring some of the Swash print from luxury products like to a sketchbook.

6. What is the coming direction of Fashionary?

We will develop more tools for fashion designers.

7. As a Hong Kong artist, designer, and entrepreneur, how do you see the art and design industry in Hong Kong?

People need patience when it come to art and design industry. Don't give up your vision.

8. What are the three things you can't live without?

Internet, internet and internet. 

9. What are your favorite brands/ designers? And why?

Anything linked with skull, like Alexander McQueen, Aitor Throup, H.R Giger... etc

10. How do you describe your own style?


Learn more about Fashionary here

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